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Brooklyn-based group HAERTS is seriously on a roll. After releasing their first track just last year, the four-piece has toured with amazing groups like Shout Out Louds and released an awesome EP produced by Jean-Philip Grobler of St. Lucia. And it’s no surprise that the group has already met so much success. HAERTS’ incredible sound is smooth and modern but still feels inspired by synthy ’80s artists. The band’s newest release, “Giving Up,” is the perfect example of this past/present melding. A Modern English-esque background track is given new life by Nini Fabi’s clear voice and the band’s beautiful lyrics. The song embodies soaring electro-pop with a moving chorus and an unbelievably catchy bridge. HAERTS has announced that their debut record will come out October 28, and if “Giving Up” is any indication of what’s ahead, release day cannot come soon enough.

-Janice Freeman


"Giving Up" by Haerts // Giving Up / Call My Name (Out Now via Columbia)

I have to admit that when Haerts first started to make the blog buzz rounds, I wasn’t sure if I was all that interested. It wasn’t that the songs were bad by any stretch, they just didn’t hold my attention the way i wanted. Flash forward a little bit and the band drops the b-side, “Call My Name”, and I’m instantly converted. At the time, there was talk of that particular track possibly being a track from the forthcoming full length, and that may still be the case, but it is also the b-side to the band’s first official single from that forthcoming full length. For me, “Call My Name” is one of the absolute best tracks of 2014, and hearing it’s A-side, “Giving Up”, I’m absolutely on the Haerts bandwagon at this point. What “Call My Name” did so well by exploring the airy, melancholic sounds of 80’s soft rock and present day dream pop 2.0, “Giving Up” does similarly by exploring the sounds of anthemic indie pop and shimmering electro pop. It’s hard to nail the band down to one particular sound, but that’s most of the fun. They’re young and still building their sound and if things keep going this way, I’m completely sure that I’ll be sticking around from here on out. 


Song Of The Day:

Hozier - “Jackie And Wilson”

Taken from his up-and-coming debut album, Hozier performed a new song called “Jackie And Wilson” for NPR Music.

I saw Hozier perform this song live at Barn on the Farm Festival this year and I have been waiting for a high quality version to listen to ahead of the album’s release.  This is an album I am greatly looking forward to.

You can pre-order the album from his official website or iTunes.



I’ve only been waiting for this for years! It’s excellent and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album it comes out September 30th, and they’ve released tour dates and they are going to be in Boston in October, they are AMAZING live OMFG

Fangirling pretty hard right now, this is my favorite band ever ever ever, since high school, and I was super stoked a few years ago when they got back together and were going to release a new album but it didn’t happen and they broke up again and this is the first full-length album since ‘05 and OMFG OMFG OMFG.

So don’t mind me right now…

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